Student Organizations

Corban Organizations are a diverse collection student led groups. Organization leaders are students who have a passion and desire to build Christ-like character and community on and off campus. Any student has the ability to create an organization with the approval of the ASB Executive Board.

Mission statement

Promote community through students’ unique passions.

Get Involved

Contact any of the following club presidents for more information about how to get involved in an Organization.

Contact ASB Organization’s Coordinator

Cecilee Russell, ASB Student Organization’s Coordinator

Volleyball Club

When: Sunday’s at 6-8 pm

Where: Gym

Description: We love to play volleyball and have a great time doing it!

Contact: or (509) 430-2273


Description:  Group of student who get together on a regular basis throughout the year. This group is a great way to get to know students from outside the dorms or majors to create a tighter community. We usually do an activity once a month together including: Camping Trip, Pumpkin Patch, Nerd Bowling, Service Projects, Christmas Party, Roomies, Game Nights, etc

When/ Where: The Angels don’t meet regularly. Check schedule of events.

Club President: Sarah Moreau


Health Science

Description: Our club allows student who are interested in health science field to expand their knowledge of what they would like to aspire to be. Such as going to medical schools for seminars, tutoring sessions for entrance exams, and participating in the Research Symposium. Members will also be faced with challenging questions that will strengthen their faith during our Prof Talks where quests are invited to lecture on a controversial topic in the health science field.

When/Where: Second Tuesday of the month outside of Schimmel; and the third Thursday of the month  in AC4422.

Club President: Salina Cadena


Facebook group:

Corban Students for Life

Description: Apologetics training, sidewalk counseling at Planned Parenthood, conferences, and fundraising for single mothers.

When: Tuesday 5pm

Where: Aagard Basement

Club President: Nathan Edwards

Contact: Phone: (541)2069757

True North Corps

Activities: Weekly prayer meetings in prayer chapel.

True North Corps also hosts World Outreach Week, Operation Christmas Child,  Breakaway Retreat, and Summer Of Service mission trips

When: Tuesday evenings at 8:30pm

Where: Prayer Chapel

Club President: Adam Sutton


Least of These

Description: Each month The Least of These focuses on a different social injustice. Anyone can get involved by participating in the fundraisers and drives, attending events to hear from a variety of speakers, and serving alongside the leadership of the organization.

Where: Prayer Chapel to pray about the specific social injustice of the month. Aside from that set meeting place, event locations vary month to month.

When: Prayer Chapel on the last Friday of every month from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Club President: Haley Wangberg



Description: Regular Friday night ministry, Night Strike, pizza parties, and clothing drives.

When: Friday’s at 6:30pm

Where: PV 101

Club President: Tyler Shockley


Phone: (503)-510-6535


Description: Casual weekly writing events. All levels of writers are welcome to come. There will be critiquing available and plenty of writing activities. Just add paper and a writing implement!

When: Tuesdays at 1:30pm and Fridays at noon

Where: Tuesday: In the conference room, 2nd floor of the library

Friday: The added room at the front end of Aramark (COMMUTERS: no need to pay)

Club President: Tessa Kyber

Contact: for more information.


Description: The activities are a wide variety of improv games based on the show Whose Line is it Anyway, designed to express creativity in a friendly environment, and occasionally watching clips from Whose Line is it Anyway.

When: Wednesday 4-5:30 pm

Where: PV 101

Club President: Hannah Rose


Phone: (925) 922- 4274


Description: We have fun tossing a disc around and building relationships on the frisbee field! Players of all skill levels are welcome! Love God. Love people. Love frisbee.

When: Mon, Wed, Fri at 4 o’clock

Where: Lumberjack Field

Club President: Lindsey Kaufman


Facebook page: Ultimate Frisbee at Corban University


Description: Hiking adventures include Oneonta Gorge, Triangulation Peak, Saddle Mountain, Eagle Creek Falls.

When: Twice a month on Saturdays/ 9:45 at PVG

Club President: Travis Carr


Facebook group: Westrek (Corban University)

Women’s Self Defense Club

Description: Women only!! Come learn how to defend yourself! We will be teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other forms of martial arts.

When: Wednesday 8:30pm

Where: Upstairs Gym

Club President: Mara McKinney


Hilltop Harmony

Description: Hilltop Harmony is a 15 member mixed voice A cappella group. We perform songs that you might hear on the radio, and some you might hear Sunday mornings at church! We love to sing, love to fellowship with each other, and love to praise God through the gift of music and voice, something He has graciously blessed each and every member with

When/Where: Auditions at the beginning of each semester. Performance Locations Vary (Clock Tower/ Open Mic Night/ Off Campus)

Club President: Kent Wilson



Description: Our daily purpose is to encourage the men and women of Corban towards growth in their relationship with Jesus Christ by uplifting each other in our speech, in our prayers, and in our fellowship. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Prov 27:17

When: Thursdays at 7pm

Where: PV109

Club President: Jacob Herrington


(360) 631- 0058


Description: Learn to effectively and respectfully answer the tough questions about our faith and current events. Then communicate what you believe to people from non-believers to government officials. We are about apologetics, politics, and debate – all at once.

When: Wednesdays at 5pm (Semester 1)

Wednesdays at 7pm (Semester 2)

Where: Coffee Shop

Club President: Bethany Janzen


Survivor Corban

Description: Survivor Corban brings the best of the CBS TV show Survivor to the Corban campus without forcing students to live on an island and only eat rice for a month. The game begins with around 16 competitors and narrows it down to only 3 through a series of intense challenges that pits the contestants against each other in epic fashion. Just like any other reality show, the whole experience is filmed and made into episodes on YouTube. Oh, and there’s also a $100 prize for the winner if it all wasn’t awesome enough already.

When: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 6:30 (subject to change)

Where: In or around PVG

Club President: Johnathan Partridge


Survivor Corban group on Facebook

(425) 350-9966

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