Corban Weekend Car Parade & Car Show

Congratulations! By signing up to be a leader for the Car Show Parade, you're taking part in tradition. Members of the Corban community past and present, will take part in the memorable experience of the ever Car Parade and Car Show. The parade will start at the clock tower and make its way up to the gym where the Corban community will vote on the winners. Each car must designate one leader that fills out the following sign-up sheet. By filling out the following form, you are agreeing to enter your car into the very first annual Corban Weekend Car Show Parade and will receive a chance to win cash prizes. Here are the following possible prizes:

Grand Prize:

$500 + $100 Corban Swag

Best Alumni/Staff Car:

$150 Corban Swag

Best Student Car:

$300 + $100 Corban Swag

Best Hall Car:

$300 towards hall tee shirts.

Each car may enter in 2 categories at the most. This competition is for decorated cars so do not feel like you need a novelty car to enter. Be on the look out for more emails regarding decoration times and when you need to have your car ready. ASB Leadership will be providing a starting point for decorations. These decorations will be available at the gym lot at 10:30 on September 8th. 

Car Show Decoration Guidelines:

  • All decorations are encouraged to relate to the Corban Community.
  • Trailers, flat-beds, and other large trucks will not be able to participate. Cars may not pull any trailers or other vehicles, as they will not have room to turn around on Deer Park Dr.
  • The cars will be driving along deer park, Western Way, AND Warrior Drive. All decorations must either be attached or part of the car as it is moving. For safety, all participants of your team must be in the car. Safety first.
  • The ASB Leadership team can disqualify any float for safety reasons and if they feel the float is unsafe or has inappropriate content. 
  • Floats may be pre-decorated.
  • Decorations may be provided by ASB at the gymnasium parking lots the day of the event, Oct. 8th, from 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM.
  • Floats must be complete by 3:00 PM (Oct. 8th).
  • Floats may line up for the parade at 3:00 PM, on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions please email Timothy Ethell at

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