Corban Weekend is a newly revamped Homecoming Weekend. It serves as a time for students, faculty, staff, Alumni, and Parents alike to share in the Corban tradition through various events.

Corban Weekend is for everyone. Students are encouraged to participate in many of the events happening during Corban Weekend.  

What events will there be?

Well, you may have heard something about the Car Parade and Car Show. This is an event that students can get involved in a big way. Decorate your car and have the chance to win $$$. For more information on how to enter the Car Parade click on the banner above! 

There will also be a BBQ Lunch, a pep rally called The President's Gathering, as well as a CAR SMASH and FOOD TRUCKS at the Car Show and a volleyball game.

Will there be food?

Ah, the question we are wondering. The answer is YES there will be FREE FOOD. Students are encouraged to come to the BBQ Lunch at the Psalm Center Plaza from 12:30 to 2. Bring your student ID. Dinner will be at the Car Show up at the gym parking lot where there will be FOOD TRUCKS. All students are encouraged to come to these meals, especially because Aramark will be closed on Saturday, October 8th. Students with meal plans will receive a voucher from their RA for the food trucks, off-campus students with meal plans will receive a voucher upon arrival and presentation of student ID. First come, first serve for the first 60 commuters who do not have a meal plan. 

How do I get involved?

Great question! Entering into the Car Parade and Car Show is a great way to get involved, and possibly win some $$$. To enter into the Car Show you must first designate a leader who will fill out the Sign-Up Sheet. Then show up at the gym parking lot at 10:30 on October 8th, to decorate you car! ASB Leadership will be funding a starting point for all car decorations. Supplies will be available from 10:30am-3pm on October 8th.