General ASB Cabinet Position Information


ASB Leadership exists to foster a community that encourages student involvement, validates individual voices, and promotes servanthood.

The Cabinet of ASB Leadership identifies and addresses the current needs of the Corban Associated Student Body.


General Qualifications:

Each member of the ASB Cabinet must be a member of the Corban community who…

  1. Demonstrates an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Has a passion for the mission of Corban.
  3. Has a desire to represent the students of Corban.
  4. Exhibits peer leadership abilities and displays collaborative leadership strengths.
  5. Practices effective organizational skills.
  6. Is familiar with Corban’s Student Walkthrough and policies.
  7. Represents the University with maturity and professionalism.


Academic Qualifications:

Each member of the ASB Cabinet must be registered as a current Corban undergraduate student who…

  1. Has completed at least two full semesters at Corban.
  2. Possesses a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  3. Registers for a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 18 credits.
  4. Is on track with REACH requirements.



Each member of the ASB Cabinet is expected to:

  1. Abide by all Corban community lifestyle standards.
  2. Attend all weekly Cabinet meetings.
  3. Attend chapel.
  4. Hold regular office hours (5 per week)
  5. Be present as school representatives at various events.
  6. Support and work effectively with other campus offices.
  7. Perform other duties as required.



Each member of the ASB Cabinet is required to attend all training sessions as outlined in the ASB Leadership Training Timeline.



Each member of the ASB Cabinet will receive a scholarship equal to 16% of the cost of tuition for the first year in office. For each additional year on the Cabinet, there is a $500 increase in the stipend. Scholarships are disbursed through the Financial Aid Office at the beginning of each semester.

Specific ASB President Position Information


The ASB President is the direct liaison between the Corban Associated Student Body and the Administration of Corban. This individual is responsible for representing the Corban ASB. The President is responsible for leading and maintaining the Cabinet of ASB Leadership and representing the Cabinet to ASB Leadership, the Corban ASB, and the Administration of Corban.



The President must be an individual who…

  1. Has strong leadership skills.
  2. Is a junior or senior in class standing (prior experience on the Cabinet is highly recommended).
  3. Is well organized and able to handle many programs at once.
  4. Possesses strong communication skills and conflict management skills.
  5. Is assertive, but also able to represent opinions other than their own.
  6. Is able to work with a wide range of people.


NOTE: The President is responsible for selecting and running with an Executive Vice President on a single ticket.



Responsibilities are not limited to what is listed.

The President is expected to:

  1. Serve as the liaison between the student body and the administration, faculty, and staff.
  2. Publicly speak on behalf of ASB Leadership and the Corban Associated Student Body.
  3. Preside over weekly Cabinet meetings.
  4. Meet regularly with other Cabinet members and the ASB Cabinet Advisor.
  5. Represent students at Student Life meetings and committees.
  6. Work with Student Life Staff/Advisors on ASB Leadership Training (Fall and Winter).

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