MARCOM reserves the right to decline all or part of any request submitted.

  • Posters

ASB can possibly design a poster for your event. After designing a poster we will coordinate with you to get them printed. (You are responsible for paying for printing, putting up the posters, and taking them down). To get a poster designed, set up a meeting with ASB’s publicity coordinator, Angie Knight.

  • TV Slide

There are 11 Reader Boards on campus. You can request ASB to design and put up a slide. A slide can be up on the TV’s for a maximum of 2 weeks.

  • ASB Website

You can request to have ASB post on our website about your event. You must provide us with the exact content you want on the post.

  • Email

You can request to have ASB send out a Campus-wide email for your event. You must have the email content ready.

  • Toilet Paper

The TP is a bi-weekly publication. It is displayed in many of the bathroom stalls on campus. To get your event on the TP, you must submit your information two weeks in advance.

  • Photo Shoot (Prior to Event)

You can request a photo shoot from ASB. Email for more info.

  • Photos (At Event)

You can request a photographer to take photos at your event if they are available. Email for more info.

  • Video

You can request a Video shoot from ASB. Email for more info.

  • Social Media

You can request ASB to post on our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to publicize your event.

  • Banner Board

You can request ASB to print out a large banner to hang on the banner board outside the Pavilion. You must have your publicity request turned in earlier than the allotted time of 10 days to qualify for this publicity. Your   event must also be available for more than half of the student body to attend

If you have any further questions on publicity and how we can publicize for your event please email Click here to be directed to a publicity request form.